Leased pub, The King’s Head, appears on BBC3 show

Comedian Greg Davies, Eastenders star Nigel Harman and Twilight actor Taylor Lautner filmed two scenes in the pub.

The pub featured on Episode 3 of British sitcom Cuckoo, as Ken (Greg Davies) and his new friend Lloyd (Nigel Harman) enjoyed a pint and a selfie (whilst avoiding going to work!) in the popular Lichfield pub.

The fun was over quickly when Dale (Taylor Lautner) showed up and outed the pair. But, it didn’t stop them visiting again for a second pint!

We LOVE spotting our pubs on the silver screen – check out the episode here and skip to 14 minutes in for the best bit! Spotted any celebs at your local pub? Let us know in the comments below…

The Kings Head 2 The Kings Head 3

The Kings Head 4 The Kings Head 5


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