Motocross madness

Check out Front of House Trainer Adam’s 61 Deep sponsored motorbike that he’ll use to compete in this year’s Motocross season.

Adam has had a passion for motorbikes since he was little and he got into serious Motocross (off-road racing) as a teenager, reaching expert pro level. He’s competed in national and international comps across Europe for some of the world’s biggest teams (Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki!), until a bad injury put an end to his professional career.

But, this didn’t stop him and Adam was back on a bike within a year, enjoying racing as a hobby. He now competes as an independent competitor and his latest 2017 KTM 350 sxf modern Motocross bike has been re-designed, taking on the famous 61 Deep branding.

The 61 Deep design appeals to younger drinkers who are open-minded, urban and comfortable off the beaten track and Motocross is the perfect place to showcase this refreshing brew.

Adam said: “It’s great to sign a promotion deal for my bike with the company I work for. Marston’s Brewery is keen to see if it creates any new opportunities and drinkers for the 61 Deep brand and I am thrilled and proud to be representing my employer with one of my favourite beers!”

Elliot, Brand Manager, added: “We were excited to hear about the opportunity with Adam’s bike and really enjoyed designing it. Our Head Brewer Pat said he was terrified to even sit on the bike, so we take our hats off to Adam for his fearlessness!”

Good luck for your first comp Adam, we’ve got our fingers crossed 🙂

Adam Jones with Marston's Head Brewer, Pat McGinty_Union Room Adam motorbike 2 Adam motorbike


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