Our waste-busting mission

You don’t have to be a superhero to save the planet, but we could do more. Take some inspiration from teammates who are sweating the small stuff to make a big difference.

We’ve committed to sending zero waste to landfill by 2019 – and we need your help to get there. Hear from teammates who are leading the way and think about the changes you and your team could make to keep our planet clean…

  1. Make time for regular spot checks

Matt, General Manager at The King’s Head, has helped his pub achieve a recycling rate of 82% by sharing contamination incidents with his team and spot checking recycling bins before every collection. He said: “We remind each other to use the right bins and it’s just part of the routine now. We’re reaping the rewards in terms of profit and loss, and it’s great for eco-friendly customers and potential team members.”

  1. Reduce the no. of general waste bins

With just one general waste bin, The Grouse and Claret team has to recycle effectively. It’s helped them achieve an onsite recycling rate of 93%. General Manager Paul said: “Remove recyclable packaging from products as soon as they’re delivered and put it in the DMR bin. This way, it’s less likely to be contaminated further down the line.”

  1. Factor in the seasons

Paul, General Manager at The Queen of the Loch, is a waste champion for his area. He monitors unscheduled charges across sites and provides performance updates at area meetings. He said: “It’s important to reduce your bins in line with the seasons. You’ll need fewer bins and collections during quieter, winter months. And, make sure you’ve got the right tools to do the job, too – like recycling stations that are clearly marked with the right labels.”

Seen our environment special in the latest edition of The Place magazine? Turn to P17 or click here to find out more and let us know the difference you’re making in the comments below. Together, we can lead the way in our sector!


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