Celebrating our reservists

Reserves Day is a great opportunity to honour the contribution our reservists make to both our country and our business. There are plenty of ways to get involved this year…

Winston Churchill famously once said, “The Reservist is twice the citizen.” That’s because they combine military and civilian life duties to serve their country.

Over the last few years, reservists have become even more essential to the Armed Forces, with 27,560 trained reservists now in service. And, in the last year alone, they’ve contributed to operations in Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

It can be challenging being a reservist. Their dual military and civilian role requires lots of dedication and commitment, and they need support from their teammates to help them succeed. So, for this year’s Reserves Day on 8 September, we’re asking you to celebrate reservists in your team and in your local community, and to show your ongoing support for them.

How can you get involved?

Watch the short film below to hear how Brigadier Mark van der Lande, Head of Reserve Forces and Cadets, would like you to join in with this year’s celebrations.

And here are some more ideas to kick-off your planning…

– Ask a local Reserves unit to talk to teammates and customers about their role as a reservist and see if they can set-up a small stand onsite for the day.
– Any reservists in your team? Ask them to wear their uniform to work (where safe and appropriate to do so).
– Are you a reservist? Share your story with teammates by getting in touch with us at communications@marstons.co.uk. You can also send your case study to casestudies@rfca.mod.uk for use on Defence Relationship Management’s social media pages.
– Take pictures of your activities and share them on social media, using #ReservesDay and #SaluteOurForces.

And the best bit…you don’t have to wait until next month to get involved. Start raising awareness now – and remember to send your pics and stories to us at communications@marstons.co.uk.

Happy Reserves Day everyone 🙂


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